Unsung, Unprotected Warriors of Covid 19: The Women Workers Bravely Fighting Against Covid 19!

Masked up, ASHA workers go door to door checking temperatures, providing food and medicines, arranging ambulances and beds since March 2020 and now their job include getting people vaccinated.

An accredited social health activist (ASHA) is a community health worker instituted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as a part of the National Rural Health Mission. ASHAs are local women trained to act as health educators andpromoters in their communities, they act as a key communication mecha

Meet The Women Of Mani Ratnam’s Navarasa!

Navarasa is a netflix series which brings out 9 different emotions through 9 different stories. Stories has its ups and downs, some conveyed the emotions while some tried it best. This Mani Ratnam’s presentation has a special space for women. The series have huge, significant women characters and they conveyed the emotions. Women had a definite edge, they portrayed compassion, bravery, fear, love, anger, disgust and so on. They were just there in all the nine rasas. Scroll down to meet the extra

11 Filmy Friendships That Are Better Than A Love Story!

So much is been said and done about great romances, but it’s great friendships that always warm our hearts. Lovers may come and go but friends are forever right? Friends will be our go to home, comfort zone and more than that we can count on them like family. Here are eleven filmy friendships that are way better than a love story!

‘Natpuna enna theriyuma, nanban na enna theriyuma’ is an inevitable dialogue in every friendship gang. Thalapathi exhibited a modern day friendship of Karna and Duryo

Examining The Race Stereotype Of Women In Tamil Cinema!

The obsession over fair flawless skin is been there for very long time. Though, racism is being addressed a liking towards fair skin tone still exists and obviously in Tamil film industry it is there. Describe a beautiful woman, words like white skin and fair skin are always in the play.

We have the ladies singing, ‘Karupputhan enaku pudicha colouru’ but it’s always ‘white skinnu girl uh girl uh’. Here are three instances from films in which women were mocked for their dark skin tone, while men

Tamil Nadu State Assembly Elections 2021: Only Five Percent Of The Elected Representatives Are Women!

This is a significant drop from the previous assembly election in 2016, where the State elected 21 women (about nine per cent) into power.

Though Tamil Nadu has witnessed powerful women politicians including our former Chief minister, Ms J Jayalalithaa, only five percent of the total (234) elected candidates are women in the recently concluded Assembly elections, i.e. there are only 12 women MLAs – seven from the DMK team and five from the AIADMK team. This is one of the lowest ratio of women M

Is Child Marriage An Unspoken Consequence Of Covid 19?

Covid 19 has adverse effects on education, economy and people’s lives. It has disproportionately affected the lives of girls, especially in rural India. With lockdowns necessitated by a second wave of the pandemic and rising unemployment, girls are being forced into early marriage. Domestic violence and crimes against women soared this lockdown. The pandemic also led to a decline in decades of progress on child marriage and pregnancy.

In March 2021, UNICEF stated “Ten million additional child m

Piping Hot Tea And Raaja Melodies

CHENNAI: From 4am to 11pm every day, for the past 31 years, Hari Narayanan has been vending piping hot tea and coffee, along with soulful songs of only Ilayaraja.The 55-year-old's 'Enga Appa Kadai' (My Dad's Shop) on Kodambakkam High Road is a veritable museum on the maestro, with scores of retro-pictures of him with every film celebrity worth his salt. Almost all who enter the small establishment linger for a long time, sipping their favourite cuppa and poring over his pictures while the liltin